She was male

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She was male

Near my home, a red light is the hub of prostitution in the town. Personally, I have no interest in having a prostitute but some of these sluts are nasty and attractive. Among them there was a tall blond green-eyed chick whom I had a special feeling to her. She had such a sex appeal that I could not resist staring her. Her name was Ashley. She always smiled at me and she had such a behavior I sometimes thought we knew each other.

Her sexiness ignited my imagination so I decided to pick her up. One day, I went to the corner and she was standing there looking for customers. I approached her and asked "how much?" She answered "40 bucks for an hour". I haggled and porn videos download she accepted to do it for 35. While driving home I mentioned a sissy boy and said this /bitch/">bitch has a cock! Ashley laughed aloud and answered, "This bitch has a xxx cock too!", while mentioning herself. I wondered what she meant.

We arrived home and went to the bedroom. I paid her money first and began to lick her /tits/big-tits/">big tits. Suddenly I noticed a hard thing erected under her short skirt. I was shocked with what I saw. Asked her" are you tranny or something?" she answered, "You do not remember me? We were classmate at /college/">college. I am Jimmy. Do you remember me?" I remembered him abruptly. Yeah we were classmates. He was the most handsome boy at college and every girl tried to sleep with him. Even he did one of our female teachers. I also remembered the last year of college when a bastard called Ben seduced and fucked him. I have never been a gay but at college years I had a special rapport for him.

He said, "I knew you love me. But you were too shy". I said, "Yeah .what has happened to you?" he answered " nothing, I have duplicated my sex amount. I have had hormone therapy and now I do it with both girls and boys! Common take off your cloths". I wondered what to do. At college years, he was my masturbating goddess and now he is standing in front of me, with /nipples/big-nipples/">big nipples and a round ass. She hugged me and I could smell her pleasant body odor. She rubbed my ass and I felt a pleasure in my back. I had no idea what to do. He was male but his body looked like females and I was horny.

She turned back and rubbed my cock to her crack. Then she began sucking my cock. It was great. Gays are the best suckers. He knew which part of my dick was so sensitive. While she was sucking me, I kissed her. She stopped and asked me to suck her! I was not sure I wanted to suck a cock but she grabbed my head towards her dick and I could taste her salty dick in my mouth. It was an odd experience. When I was sucking her, I looked at her eyes. She was full of joy. I could feel her middle finger in my anus.

Then she kneed on bed and I stacked my dick in her ass. It was hot. I pumped her and she was moaning. /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex is my favorite sex position and I had done many asses but it was a special one. After ten few minutes, I came in her back hole. She began to suck me again. I was lying on the bed and she was licking rear part of my scrotum. I could feel the softness of her tongue on my anus. This was my /first-time/">first time I wanted somebody to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass badly. She perceived my desire and entered her dick in my ass. I was full of pain and joy.

I never knew the joy of giving ass. Everybody has to experience it at least once in his/her life. She came in me and I could feel her /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum in myself. We sucked each other repeatedly and forgot about time and money.

After that day, we became good friends and then flat mates. Now she works in a company and does not work as a prostitute anymore. When each of us is tired of life and needs relaxation, bends over on bed and the other one begins relaxing process!