Doing the Laundry

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Doing the Laundry

I came over to your house to free porn movies download help you clean. I walk in, and you are in the middle of doing your laundry. As you bend over to unload the dryer, I can see your shorts outline your /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy, and I see that you aren't wearing any /underwear/">underwear. I sneak up behind you, and place my hands on your hips as I press myself up against your ass, and you respond by grinding against my crotch.

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As I bring you to your /feet/">feet I pull off your shirt and unhook your bra, admiring your firm breasts as I fondle them. I use my tongue to trace my way from your mouth to your tits, sucking, nipping, tugging and caressing your large mounds as I reach full hd xvideo download down and play with your clit. I lick my way down your flat stomach, and I use my teeth to pull your shorts off before I kiss my way up your calves, nipping at the insides of your thighs as you beg me to tongue your /sweet/">sweet, dripping /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt.

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I move you to the edge of the running washing machine, making you straddle the corner. As I draw you in for a passionate kiss, your clit comes into contact with the vibrating corner of the washing machine. You squeal with gratification as we tongue each others” mouths.

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