Girl Party

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Girl Party

’Kimberly and her /friend/best-friend/">best friend, Becky, were sitting in the local
restaurant. And Becky was discussing the problems that she was having
in hiring a /male/male-stripper/">male stripper.
"Well, you know, Becky," the blond girl remarked, "it really can't
be that hard."
Becky laughed. "Oh, Kim, you can be so funny sometimes."
"Why? What did I say that was so funny?"
Becky grinned at her. "Oh, come on, Kim. You know, sometimes, it
is hard," pausing a minute to render a funny quip, she added, "and it
usually sticks straight out."

"I don't get what you mean, Becky," Kimberly interjected. "Maybe
I'm just naive when it comes to men. But I just don't get your meaning."
"And you may never either," the red head remarked casually as she
ate some of her burger. "It seems no strip agency will do what I want them to do." Sipping her soda, she added, "None of them will go
past a g-string."
"What's so /bad/">bad about that, Becky," Kim asked sipping her soda.
"Well, you know. G-strings are so boring. Afterall, it's what
under them that really counts."

Jeff had been standing at the counter, ordering his food, and couldn't help but overhear what the girls were talking about. Needless to say he could understand the plight that Becky was in. Very few, and as Becky had put it none, would remove the g-string. He
thought about offering his services. But would Becky accept his offer? Afterall, he wasn't a scuptured adonis. Well, he thought to
himself, it wouldn't hurt to at least offer some help to the /cute/">cute

Receiving his food he casually walked over to them. "Excuse me
for interupting, but I was wondering if I could join you two young
ladies? All the tables seem to be full." Now he knew there was a table in the back that was empty, but they couldn't see it. So, at least, he had a chance to sit with two pretty /women/">women. All they could say was no.
Becky looked up at him. "That's okay by me, good looking." She
looked at Kimberly, "You don't mind, do you?"
"No, not in the least. Besides, he's not bad looking."
"You can sit next to me," Becky said as she patted the booth seat.
Jeff sat down as Becky scrunched into the booth. "Hi, girls,
I'm Jeff. And from what I've heard, you're in some kind of dilema."
"What!?" Becky blurted out, trying not to be too loud.

"Yeah, I know, Becky. Hell, practically everyone in the place
knows. Afterall, you weren't very discreet with your conversation with Kim here."
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry," Becky apologized, "I hope it didn't bother you."
"On the contrary, I found it exciting," Jeff answered with a smile.
"And I might just want to help you with your problem." Taking a bite
of his burger, he added, "If you make it worth my while."
"Oh yeah," Becky shot back quickly, "here it comes. You want a
"Well, I wasn't thinking that way," Jeff quipped, "and I'm sorry if you took it that way."
Kimberly commented, "Becky told me earlier that she's willing to
go a c-note and tips."

Jeff smiled at Kim, and patting Becky's arm, he replied, "That's
fair by me, Becky."
Becky smiled at him as she put her hand on his leg. "Oh, great, I'm glad!" Slowly she moved her hand upward. "There'll only be about five girls at the /party/">party."
"The more the merrier I always say," Jeff replied as he drank some
of his coffee. Her slowly moving hand didn't bother him. Afterall,
she wouldn't think of going much further anyway. And he really wouldn't mind if she did. Afterall he could see she was wearing rather tight pants. Heck, he might just let a groping hand slip downward in her direction. But it would depend how far she went. Afterall, he didn't want to appear fresh.
"Oh, you wouldn't mind eight, possibly more?" Becky asked as her hand inched closer to his crotch. "You wouldn't mind if some of the
girls brought their mothers?"

"No," Jeff answered. He could feel her hand inching closer to his
groin. Would she attempt to cop a feel? He patted her leg.
"Besides, what's in an age, anyway?" He felt his penis begin to stir
and, if she looked down, she'd be certain to see the bulge.
Becky looked down, saw the bulge in his pants, and saw his hand on
her thigh. She had a feeling as to what his intentions were. "Oh,
Jeff, you really are a liberal guy, aren't you?" She smiled at him,
asking, "Just how literal, I mean liberal, are you?" She looked about the restaurant making sure no one was actually watching them.
Nonchalantly she slid her hand against his crotch and groped her hand tightlyinto his crotch.

"Very literal, young lady," Jeff answered as he felt her hand caress his penis and balls. He quickly slid his hand against her crotch and massaged tightly against her crotch as well.Becky smiled at him. "Gee," she replied, "you're going to be a
hoot at the party, /boy/big-boy/">big boy."
Kim smiled, interjecting, "Oh, you're going to entertain at our
little party, then?" She asked, with a smile, as she sat down next to him in a bouncing manner causing her short skirt to flip upward allowing Jeff a glimpse of her white cotten panties. She happened to notice their hands.Jeff smiled at her, licking his lips, "Oh, yeah, sweetie, I sure am."
"Good," Kimberly remarked sipping her soda. "I like you. You're such a gentleman." As she finished her burger, she giggled, patted Jeff's leg, and boldlywhispered, "How far will you go? Just a g-string, I suppose?" She slowly slid her hand into his crotch.Jeff smiled at Kimberly. He could see the disappointed look in her
eye. "Oh, I don't know, sweetie," Jeff replied, "I might consider,
well, you know."
He put his hand on her bare leg slidding it upward under herskirt. His fingers pressed against herpanties and he felt the roundness of hermound.Kim's giggled at the strange sensation of having her vaginal mound felt. Her eyes sparkled as she beamed, "You mean you might consider
letting us see under it!?"

"Oh, Kimberly," Becky laughed and remarked casually, "I might be able to coax him out of it." Becky gave Jeff the details of the party
that was tonight. And she added, "I'll even try and get some of the
mothers to come."
By the time that Jeff arrived the ladies had had plenty of time to
drink. As he knocked on the door and was invited in by Becky he was
a little apprehensive. Afterall, a lot of the gals seemed a little
happy, to say the least. He had thought about the event all day. He
wondered, if the gals got really happy with the booze, would old waman xxxgx he be able to get a little frisky with them?
"Ladies," Becky announced, "this is Jeff. He's been really kind to
come tonight." Becky giggled at what she had said and the others laughed. "Now I want you to treat him especially nice."
One of the mothers, a gray-haired lady, yelled out just as she took a drink of her beer, "Come on, sweetie, let's see some skin!"
Becky put the tape in that Jeff had brought and as the music played
Jeff began his gyrations. He bumped and grinded as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt.
"Take it off! Take it off!" The crowd called out.

After three songs Jeff had stripped to his bikini underwear. As he
gyrated more sexually he noticed that Becky went over the corner of the room and twisted the light knob, brightening up the scene. Well, he knew that they could all see his crotch plainly now. He could feel all their eyes were glued to it, watching his swaying penis flop
to the music, as he gyrated closer to each of them.
Dancing over to the gray-haired lady he thrust his pelvis forward,
practically hitting her in the face as she bent down to admire the
blue-coverered crotch in front of her. He didn't flinch as she nudged his crotch with her hand and slipped a dollar into the waistband. Now he had a feeling that if he got extra close to the women they might be /sweet/">sweet and slip him a dollar or two.
Becky came over to him and started dancing with him. Gyrating ever
closer to him, she bumped him, thrusting her clothed crotch against
his. As she ground herself against him, she whispered, "Hey, sweetie,
how about letting us see what's under that?" As she groped her hand
into his crotch the ladies cried out in delight.

He smiled at her as she groped tighter, feeling his penis swell
in her hand, and whispered to her. "I was hoping for a little insentive, Becky," as he groped his hand against her crotch.
The elderly lady blurted out, "Now that's /dancing/sexy-dancing/">sexy dancing!"
"Hey, sweetie, look," Becky whispered to him as she pulled the waistband away, "is this insentive enough?"
"Hey Becky," the elderly lady yelled out as she finished her beer,
"let him!"
Jeff looked down and could see a bright red patch of pubic hair.
Would she allow him to grope his hand into her panties? And, if she
did allow him to do so, what would she do in return? He looked intently at the forest displayed to him and smiled at her.
"Oh for goodness sake, Becky," the elderly lady blurted out as she
uncapped another beer, "let him touch your pussy!"

"Go ahead, Jeff," Becky whispered, "feel a little insentive." As
he slowly slipped his hand past the waistband all the women screamed in
loud pleasurable delight. Slowly his hand slid against the red forest of hair. She thrust herself toward it allowing him to grope her mound. As his hand massaged against her mound she slipped her hand into his waistband. Rubbing her hand against his butt she slowly slipped it forward, caressing his penis and balls. She whispered softly into his ear, "Oh wow, Jeff, you got to let them see this."
The elderly lady called out, "Yeah, sweetie, take it off!"
Soon the whole room was chanting, "Take it off! Take it off!"
Jeff pulled away and gyrated more, swaying his now erect member
prominantly for all to see. "Oh no, you don't!" He thrust himself
more, proudly flopping his dick. "I need some more insentive," he

"Oh, mother," Kimberly said, talking to the elderly lady, "I really
want to see what's in his pants."
"Well, honey," she said, "give him some real insentive bokep sma pecah perawan then." Taking a long slug of beer she added, "And get those pants off him!"
Kimberly had hoped that her evening would not go to waste. Afterall, she had never seen a naked guy before. She had led a very
sheltered life. Afterall she had only agreed to come to her friend's
party if she could see a naked guy. And she was hoping, yes hoping,
for maybe a little fun, too. So, in dressing for Becky's party she
wore a simple housedress with snaps in the front. Hoping for a little
fun she had neglected to put on any underwear.
"Hey, sweetie," she said, and taking a big swig of gin, she danced toward him, "want a little
"What do you mean, Kim?"
"Oh, I thought maybe a little more insentive." She danced closer to him, grinding herself against his crotch.
"Oh," Jeff whispered, "you want to feel it, too?"
She smiled at him as her hand groped against against his crotch.
As her hand ground figorously into his groin, she replied loudly,
"Oh no, Jeff, I want to see it!" She stepped back a few feet turned
around to face the ladies. "Hey, ladies, look!"

As Kimberly yanked the dress open, the ladies hooted. "Oh, yeah,
Kim, go girl! Take it off! Take it off!" As Kim turned around to face
Jeff she clenched her dress closed. "Hey, sweetie, check this out!"
As she danced a little closer to him as she slowly displayed the top of her breasts to him. "And I'm real pretty, too!" With that said she ground herself into him and discarded the dress. She was
completely naked. Suddenly she blurted out, "It's showtime!" And slipping her hands into the waistband she slid his bikini pants down

Jeff's hardened penis slammed against her bare mound. "Hey, Kim,"
he whispered into her ear as they ground against each, "this is real
sexy dancing."