Just taking a little Dicktation

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Just taking a little Dicktation

"Come to my office when you get a moment" your voice came over my intercom. I wondered what you needed me in there for now, more than a little flustered over the amount of work I still had sitting on my desk to be done. I start to think of all the reasons you may want to see me. Part of me is sure that the other girls in the office have complained about the way I dress again. I pick up my notepad and pen and knock on your office door and enter without waiting for a response.

You were looking out the window when I entered, a habit of yours when you are deep in thought. I just smiled and shook my head. After six years working for you I was pretty sure I knew you better than any of your girlfriends. I put my hand on my hip, "Yes?"

You turn in your seat, startled that I had come in. You look me up and down before responding. Of course this makes me nervous. Its as if youre seeing past my clothes and looking at me underneath. I pull my skirt down a bit more to make sure it looks more professional, but all it succeeds in doing is getting your attention to my legs, which you take your time scanning. indian santali xvideo I shift in my high heels again a little nervous, "Is there something you needed, sir?"

You finally pull yourself together and tell me, "Yes, please take down a memo for me."

I sit down and cross my legs, getting comfortable to take the memo. My right heel slips from my shoe and it hangs off my foot. I lean forward and put my shoe on properly and notice you looking straight down my blouse. I clear my throat and sit up straight in the chair. 

You begin the memo and I find myself writing down what you say without actually paying attention to whats going on. You walk to your door and close and I quirk an eyebrow but continue taking the memo. Thats when I notice that youre looking at me in a way that definitely tells me youve got more than work on your mind. You sit back behind your desk again. You seem to be undressing me with your eyes and it makes me nervous. I uncross and recross my legs to hide my alain lyle porn nervousness, but it causes my skirt to ride up my thighs, exposing even more of my legs. Your eyes are suddenly fixed on my thighs and I look down and realize that youre able to see the top of my thigh hi stockings. I try to pull down my skirt but only succeed in flashing you my breasts again.

Somehow, miraculously, you finish your memo and I get ready to leave your office. At that moment the vendor comes to take your guest chairs to be reupholstered. I give a sigh of relief over the fact that someone has interrupted your fascination with me today and go back to my desk to type your memo.

I finish typing your memo and e-mail it to you. You e-mail me back and ask me to print it and bring it to you. I do as you ask and come into your office. You instruct me to take a seat at which point I ask you "Where?"

You laugh and claim you had forgotten the chairs were gone and offered me a seat on your desk. I start to decline but figure what the hell could it hurt? Ive always thought you were an attractive man, but since you were my boss I always kept it professional. I sat on the edge of your desk and your hand brushes my thigh as you reach for your pen. I moan softly and you must have heard it. Im embarrassed that Ive allowed the fact that I havent been laid in almost a year to be that evident. You slowly run your hand up my thigh and I shudder at the feel of your fingers on my skin. You run your hand under my skirt and find my /wet/pussy-wet/">pussy wet and waiting for you. You quirk an eyebrow "No panties today? Was it laundry day?" I laugh and you reward my laugh with your finger exploring my pussy more. I gasp as you slide a finger in me and shift my legs open a little more to give you better access. You start sliding your finger in and out and as I start to rub my breasts through my blouse your door opens and in comes your partner.

You continue to play with my pussy while talking with him. He asks what were doing and you say that Im taking a memo but without a chair the only place to sit was your desk. The whole while you proceed to finger fuck me with two fingers. He seemed to accept the answer and proceeds to continue your conversation with him about some troublesome client and Im fighting for control. My legs begin to quiver more and my nipples are straining against my blouse. 

Miraculously your partner leaves and closes the door behind him. You push my skirt up my thighs further, exposing my thigh his. You take my nipple into your mouth through my blouse and proceed to suck on it. I moan and you laugh. I immediately realize how this must look and start to pull away from you. You stop me and tell me to understand that youre my boss and that to disobey would be insubordination. You pull your fingers from me and instruct me to stand up and remove my blouse. I slowly undo the buttons on my blouse and push it off of me, exposing my black lace bra that barely holds my breasts. 

You let out a groan and bring your hands to my breasts and proceed to play with them through the lace fabric of the bra. I moan and you replace one of your hands with your mouth. With your hand now free you pull my hair stick out and my hair comes cascading down. You quickly turn me around and bend me over your desk and lift my skirt to my hips. Youre rewarded with the sight of my /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy and I hear your zipper being undone. As I begin to stand up straight again I feel you push me down again with a little more force. You enter me from behind and start fucking me while Im leaned over your desk. You pull my hair softly at first and then a little harder. I moan and find myself thrusting myself back on you. You slap my ass which causes me to gasp and you rub where you slapped. Then you repeat it again. This begins to fuel me more and I start thrusting myself against you with such force that youve stopped pumping and are simply standing there. 

You reach forward and grab my breasts as I continue to thrust myself onto you. My orgasm starts to build and I start moaning even louder. "Oh yes.... mmmmm fuck yeah.... oh god please fuck my pussy sir..." to which you reply "thats right, be a good employee and get rewarded" You proceed to fuck me faster and my moans grow louder still. "Oh, yes, yes... please fuck my pussy... fuck it hard... do you like it? Do you like how wet it is? MMMMMM /fucking/pussy-fucking/fuck-that-pussy/">fuck that pussy." With those last words you lose control and proceed to fuck it so fast and hard that I come right away.

You pull out and I pout realizing that I have come and you havent. You turn me around so that Im sitting on the edge of your desk and you sit in your chair. You pull me down onto your cock and I proceed to ride you. You play with my breasts while I ride you. You pinch my nipples which cause me to ride you harder and faster. I felt my orgasm building again as your hands grab my hips and start guiding me to move faster and harder. You stand up and I wrap my legs around your hips as you back me against a wall and proceed to fuck me while youre standing. Your thrusts are harder and deeper now and I dig my finger nails into your shoulders as I come. While Im cumming your thrusts become frantic and I know youre not far behind. I feel your own release and smile.

I nibble on your ear and whisper, "Perhaps I should take dictation more often."